Pellet heating is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice

We supply pellet-heated local heating plants for heating buildings. Versowood's thermal business division offers a risk-free and cost-efficient heating method for properties of different sizes to replace oil heating with renewable fuel.

Switching to pellet heating is easy. Versowood delivers a heating plant of the required size to the customer’s site as a turnkey service. We normally enter into a ten-year cooperation agreement with the customer. In accordance with this agreement, our experts build, maintain, repair, and supervise the plant. Versowood's specialists will also assist you as needed with obtaining the necessary building permits. Modern automation enables Versowood to monitor the heating plant, its maintenance needs, pellet circulation and the need for a refill around the clock throughout the contract period. Once the contract period has expired, the customer has the option of redeeming the equipment for itself, or of renewing the contract for continuation of the services as normal. In regard to local heating plant investments, there is the option of using the existing facilities of our customers insofar as this is possible. This enables even more cost-effective output from the local heating plant.

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A renewable energy source to replace oil

Changing form oil to pellets is a sustainable and economically sensible solution. The project is risk-free and cost-efficient for the customer. There are no start-up costs, and in addition to a fixed basic fee, the customer pays only for the energy consumed throughout the contract period. Wood pellets are a good alternative to e.g. oil heating and natural gas. Our local heating plant concept enables convenient heating of various kinds of premises. Versowood’s expertise is available to you to ensure environmentally sustainable warmth. This is good for the planet, and for the conscience.

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Examples of our heating service projects

Estimated annual energy need, in MWh
Finns 230 facility
Lunden 300 facility
Toli 450 property complex
Orivesi Kaustara 300 facility
SBr Kukkom 1000 production facilities
Yrityspalvelu (business services) in the town of Virrat
400 facility
Kangasala SRK 300 new facilities (Srk)
PapPelto 500 new apartment buildings, 4
Nokian Tyres 4000 tyre terminal
Avant Ylöjärvi 4000 facility
Senate Properties
1000 MTT Jokioinen (agricultural and food economics research institute)
Senate Properties
700 Metla (now part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland)
Sormat 1100 facility
Kirkkonummi 1700 property complex
Municipality of Masku
600 new kindergarten and school
Otso forest services, Akaa
1000 new apartment buildings, 7
Finnish Workers’ Sports Federation TUL
1500 sports and accommodation facilities
Rautala 3500 apartment buildings, 11
Pilkington Tampere 1000 production facilities
Yrityspalvelu (business services) in the town of Virrat 300 production facilities
Heinola 800 facility
The Town of Loimaa
600 kindergarten and school
Nokian Tyres
2000 test facility premises
Hyria Koulutus Oy 2000 agricultural institute
Ruutana school in Kangasala 700 school and kindergarten
Sastamala Mouhijärvi 1000 school, kindergarten, and healthcare centre
Sastamala Suodenniemi 600 school and sports centre
Liuksiala school in Kangasala
600 school and kindergarten premises
Total 32 180